Should we go trick or treating this year?


Illustration By Eliana Perez

Aylin Herrera, Social Media Editor

“Are you going trick or treating this year?” This is the question everyone is asking. Halloween is approaching and people want to know if going trick or treating is safe enough. Many are wondering if we’re going to become kids again this year or if  COVID-19 is going to affect Halloween again. 

It helps that Halloween is an outdoor-focused holiday despite the cold weather. Angela Herrera, a junior at Elizabeth Learning Center, says “Now that the economy is slowly getting better, covid cases are decreasing, and the majority of people already have/ are getting their vaccine, we should be able to trick or treat. Always of course wearing our masks, not being in big groups, and keeping our distance.” This would be effective because we will be able to have fun and be out, while still slowing the spread.

Is there a specific age range for kids to go trick or treating this year? Many are speculating this thought. Itzel Hueramo, a junior, and a Ballet Folklórico de Los Angeles dancer says,“I think kids over the age of 5 and above should be allowed to trick or treat while wearing masks, social distancing, traveling in small groups and avoiding big crowds. If you’re going to be passing out candy I suggest making small candy bags for each child in view of having kids stick their hand into one single bucket spreading germs faster.” This should be an effective way to be safe.

However there are students that are not going trick or treating this year. Aylin Narvaez, a junior says  “Unfortunately I will not be trick or treating this year because I have a little brother whose health is very important to me. I think he’s a bit underage to be a part of this event given the fact he’s only two years old, missing the first few years of halloween wont hurt him it’s not like he’ll remember the holiday or understand what it is”, Although Aylin seems to have her mind made up she encourages everyone that is going trick or treating to be safe and maintain your distance.