How has social media changed you?

Illustration by Yonatzin Zarate

Illustration by Yonatzin Zarate

Yonatzin Zarate, Reporter

          What’s the first thing someone might do when they wake up? It can be brushing their teeth, making their bed, eating breakfast, or checking their social media. Many teens and adults in these times are familiar with social media. Almost everyone has a social media account but what is actually going on in their minds when it comes to social media? 


          Anything can be shared on social media and can then be spread to many people. Should adults teach teens about social media even though they can just learn from their friends? Friends might not be as reliable or know everything there is to know about the dangers of social media. “It is important to teach young teens about social media because someone needs to tell us that most of it is not real. We need to be reassured that nothing on social media is the way it seems,” Miranda Campos, a junior and part of the MaCES Interact Club, said. Anything can happen on social media, good or bad. 


          What are the effects on social media? Although some might think social media is just about posting and chatting with friends, there are some alarming and serious consequences. “Social media targets teens more because we are in a stage where we are learning about ourselves and our personality,” Itzel Godoy, a junior and part of the volleyball team, said.  It is easier to target teens since they are so gullible. 


          Some people may argue that women are the most targeted when it comes to social media. They compare themselves to others and are expected to look a certain way. “Women now are being over-sexualized far more easily and get promoted to every page of social media, giving younger girls the wrong image of women.” Cassady Flamenco, a junior and part of the MaCES Interact Club, said. 


          In general social media can have a huge effect on everyone as it causes depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. It is important to teach each other the effects and outcomes social media has. By doing this we can help others understand and be aware of different social media.