Thoughts on dress code?

Thoughts on dress code?

Yonatzin Zarate

     Every school has their own dress code and rules on dress code. Although many students here at MACES may argue that the dress code is too strict and that they should be more flexible on the uniforms and sweaters. 


     MACES dress code requires uniform bottoms with a collared top. The sweaters, however, need to be school colors meaning gray, black or navy blue and cannot have any huge logo other than the MACES logo. “I think the logo rule is a little too strict and as long as we wear our uniforms I don’t think it’s that distracting,” Ringie Del Mundo, a junior, said. Most of the times students would get dress coded is because of the sweaters they wear. 


      There are many perspectives on the school having mandatory uniforms. “In my opinion uniforms are a great idea- it makes us students look distinguished compared to other schools. It does not distract us in any way because at the end we are all wearing the same thing,” Marleny Zepeda, a junior, said. On the other hand Marlene Zepeda, a junior argues “when students wear uniforms, it doesn’t allow us to express ourselves.” 


      When it comes to dress code there is always an argument whether it is fair to both genders or just one. Based on a males perspective, “Most of the dress code rules are based on feminine clothing, but men also wear clothing that may be against the dress code rules. If we have rules, it should be for both genders equally,” Gilbert Garcia, a junior, said. According to a female’s perspective “I think the dress code mostly targets females because they think that the way we dress is too sexualized and distracting,” Itzel Godoy, a junior, said. 

     What are your thoughts on dress code? Maybe in the future students will get to decide what to wear and what to not wear.