Eagles defeat the Wolfpack

Jefferey Figueroa, Reporter



            MACES had their 4th game of the season on December 1. MACES basketball players were very excited to play and were ready to give it their all. Unfortunately, MACES basketball boys lost against Bell High 50-46. The game was very intense, and it was a game to remember, the Wolfpack audience showed amazing support. “We will play with heart, and we are determined to win,” Wolfpack varsity players said.


        “I am the type of player that won’t give you as many points, but I am willing to get in the game and play with heart and hustle. This is my first season playing, but what I can say is that we were a different team and we’re just here to play and compete no matter who we are against because at the end of the day the coach said, “we’re playing the players, not the school.” 


       The MACES basketball team is great. What’s next is to come out with a good record and go strong into the playoffs. “Play with heart and hustle,” Damian Plata, a junior, said.


     So far the season has been going well. I believe we can get better at not fouling as much. What I bring to the table is heart and defense. “Something I noticed from the opposing team is they never stopped trying and kept giving it their all. What I’ve done to prepare for the game is drinking lots of water, stretching, and listening to music. 



       A life lesson basketball has taught me is, nothing comes easy, and if you want something you have to work for it. Going into the break, part of the holidays is to spend time with my family and friends,” Christian Casteneda, a junior, said.


     “The last game was good because as a team we got the 3rd win of the season and played our hearts out. Unfortunately, MACES lost to Bell High with a score of 50-46 but it was a close game and intense game. What could have gone better is communication on defense because there were times when we didn’t communicate which caused the opposing team to get open looks.”


      “The type of player I am and what I bring to the table is that I am a big man so I play defense on both perimeter and paint and also attack the rim and grab rebounds and also shoot mid-range shots. Always be ready and prepared even if they are not giving you a chance because if you are prepared then an opportunity will eventually arise and you will be ready for it,” Jose Aguirre, a junior, said.