Ms. Sullivan’s First Year at MACES


Shazia Shah


Profe Sullivan teaches new vocabulary to her Spanish 1 class.

At MACES there are many different departments, ranging from English to Art. The language department at MACES provides its students a chance to learn languages such as French and Spanish. Beginners Spanish is very popular this year, considering that language classes are an A-G requirement, which is needed to graduate. 

There are lots of new people in each department, but not a lot of individuals at MACES know about the newest Spanish 1 teacher at MACES: Ms. Sullivan or better known as Profe Sullivan. Who is Profe Sullivan? Teaching in room 5-306, “She is a very creative and inspiring teacher,” said Emelia Hernandez, a sophomore in Profe Sullivan’s Spanish 1 class. Most teachers at MACES have taught here for three or more years, but for Profe Sullivan this is her first year teaching here. She said, “It’s been really incredible and I really enjoyed learning about my students, [and] I’ve learned a lot from them.” 

At MACES, languages are taught in many different ways.  “I like how she makes games so it’s easier for us to learn and how she gives time to learn and process what she teaches us,” said Luna Calderon, a sophomore in Profe Sullivan’s Spanish 1 class. Teachers like Profe Sullivan prefer hands-on and interactive learning. Profe Sullivan believes that “language acquisition is best learned in an environment where you interact with one another and learn from each other. ” 

 Many things inspire teachers like Profe Sullivan to teach and help other students learn.  “My students are my inspiration because I see all that you guys do and how hard [you] students work. I also think that Spanish is a way of connecting and communicating with other people and the community.”