Katelyn Chacon

The ASB President


Camila Solis

ASB and leadership is something that is an important part of education, because it teaches students how to become good leaders in order to one day be successful in the future. One of the highest positions in ASB is the president. At the moment occupying this position is senior Katlyn Chacon. So, who is Katelyn Chacon? 

Ms. Navarro is the leadership advisor and teaches AP Biology and Physiology. “It’s a different experience seeing the kids grow into their own leaders, so seeing Katelyn become her own leader… seeing you all really start from the beginning when I first met you and now being leaders and taking over,” Navarro said. For her, it’s been a learning experience in guiding the leadership class. 

This school year was her first advising the leadership class in person. Therefore, this year was the first year in which she was truly able to experience leadership planning and creating events for the students, staff, and school. Ms. Navarro said, “It is an honor to be working with a very dedicated group of students like the ASB president Katelyn, so I really enjoy hearing her ideas and seeing them go from plans to actually happening.” 

Itzia Corona is a junior who is a part of the leadership class. “It’s inspiring to be working closely with Katelyn, she is a very outgoing person who is very determined and hard-working. I think that once I met her in person and started to work with her it made me want to become a part of the ASB team for next year,” Corona said. She also states what makes Ms. Chacon a good leader. “I think that Katelyn is a great president, because she works hard to provide for the students, rather than trying to make things happen to benefit her or her class. Not only that, but she works towards inspiring others to become future leaders in leadership too.” 

Katelyn Chacon is ASB president; however, she is also a part of many other extracurriculars including soccer, Mesa, National Honor Society, Interact, and the college ambassador program. “I am very glad that I actually did decide to run and got elected because without it I wouldn’t know what kind of person I’d be. Being in this position has taught me so much; it has made me develop skills that I already had but also taught me new ones,” Chacon, a senior, said. She also describes the experience as stressful but well worth it in the end.

 Chacon also shares a piece of advice for the upcoming president who will be running for the next year. “Remember that you have a team, and there is no issue with delegating jobs to other people. That doesn’t make you any less reliable as a leader, if anything it makes you more reliable because you are able to focus on the things that you need to focus on rather than things that you can hand out to others.”