Was it a smart move for Netflix to have increased their prices ?

Aime Haros, Social Media Editor

Netflix is and has been the top streaming device. It has been the population’s favorite since it first came out in 1997. It has also made big changes and influenced the TV industry. It has kept the number one spot because of the content and has brought many families closer together. However, Netflix has started to receive some backlash due to their lack of content and increase in their

fees. People are starting to question whether it is worth paying that amount of money for a poor variety of content.


Is the price increase worth what the consumers are getting? Many have widely perceived and made it known that they are very unhappy with Netflix at the moment due to this. “They’re raising the prices but continue to take away a lot of popular shows and movies. It’s not worth it either because so many people are going to have another thing to complain about when it comes to Netflix,” said Ashley Medina, a junior and member of the sixth grade mentors. Medina says she won’t cancel her subscription but will be watching other streaming services instead due to the better selection they provide.


One and all have agreed with Netflix not being worth it. There are really none that think otherwise. Some do suggest “They should add more throwback movies because people think those are better than the new ones now in the new year,”  Karla Aguilera, a junior, said. The Marvel movie series will be one of the movies that will be leaving Netflix soon and is very popular on the platform therefore giving more reasons for the consumers to cancel their subscription.  “They’ve lost so many customers because of many movies that other competitors don’t have. They are put on Netflix for a month and then take them out leaving their consumers furious,” Aguilera said.


Many people in general also agree that it was a risky decision for the company to have made and believe these types of decisions can lead to Netflix not being as popular as it is now. “I think it was risky because people were already canceling Netflix before the recent price increase,” Ana Lopez, a junior, said.