Should E-Sports be considered a sport?

Lina Francisco Mora, Editorial Editor

Should E-Sports be considered a sport? Peers in Journalism came together to express their thoughts. opined how E-Sports should not be considered a sport due to the fact that it has no need for physical activity. 

Although, E-Sports is competitive and complex, taking up lots of practice and skill, even critical thinking, it’s still not a sport. E-Sports despite the fact it shouldnt be considered a sport it should still be more recognized and talked about. Many individuals make a living out of gaming and competing, considering this is a job to pursure. “Pretty much this is only playing a game”, Do you agree with this quote? Well defined by many different universites they all together define sports as an exertion. Exertion being a physical activity or activity that competes with another indiviual or a group for entertainment. Basically defines what an E-Sport actually is, which is why it is fought that this gets the title that it diserves. 

Well this will possibly always remain a debate because of the different perspectives from athletes and coaches. Different perspectives coming  from all over the world, allowing for the forever debate whether there are any certain perspectives that would discard E-Sports as a sport.

E-Sports is all seen to be increasingin its market growth by 21.3%, even reaching 3,754.9million by 2027. 

Lets not forget the dedication and hard work from each and every gamer that as they do what they love also make a great source of entertainment. Gaming is widely streamed around the world being long hours of exertion to compete and play for millions of people’s entertainment.