Is the tardy policy fair?

Aime Haros

       Is the new MACES tardy policy fair? Is it too much?Administration has let it be known that they have now updated their tardy policy as of February 22. Many students are not happy with the new policy. Most of the students, including Alondra Pompa, a junior and the forward/left mid of the girls varsity soccer team, said,“This policy is not fair to everyone, especially those who struggle with transportation.” 

       The new policy states there will be new consequences such as not participating in sports, not attending any games, and not attending the graduation ceromony/graduating, which some find too extreme. “I think the policy is being too extreme because students from different cities come to this school, ” Karla Aguilera, a junior, said. 

       Is the policy fair even to those who struggle with transportation? Many students take the bus, get rides, live far, or struggle with finding parking on the street. “I live in another city, and there is so much traffic due to all the other high school students wanting to get to their schools as well,” Ashley Medina, a junior, said. 

      Some students also feel that street parking is very limited and not fair to those who have their own vehicle, because even though they come early on days where there is street sweeping such as Mondays and Fridays it gets very difficult to find a parking spot. “I do believe student parking is a problem due to some seniors and juniors struggling when it comes to parking, because it is always packed,” Ana Lopez, a junior, said. 

      Students see eye to eye with suggesting alternatives the school can do instead of the set of rules they now have. “They should give students an hour after the bell has rung and if their tardy is longer than the hour then the consequences can be put into place and do whatever they have to do,” Pompa says.

      Students feel as if there should be some kind of leniency when it comes to the policy and that the administration should give the students a warning time period after receiving their tardy note before they start enforcing consequences. “I think the only consequence they should proceed with should be detention,” Aguilera said. 

    Many students have strong opinions about this new tardy policy. Students understand the teacher’s and administration’s frustration towards the amount of tardies and are open to other alternatives instead of those that are put into place now.