Spring starts with Softball

Softball season officially started with the Lady Wolfpack’s first league game on March 21.

Miranda Campos, Reporter/ A&E Assistant Editor

Softball season officially started with the Lady Wolfpack’s first league game on March 21. The first game was a crushing loss, but the amazing team did not let that get in the way of their excitement for the season. The team is led by their head Varsity coach, Daniel Betancourt, and their Junior Varsity coach, Leonardo Jr Betancourt. Coach Danny, as his team calls him, has been coaching the softball team since March 2021. 

Regarding what he is most proud of, Betancourt says, “It’s just the improvement and the fact that they’re engaged and always trying to find new ways to improve their game.” He is excited to see how far his team can go this season. 

From catchers to center fielders, the Wolfpack softball team works tirelessly to improve and play the best they can.  “Even if we have set positions, we always have something to do, to help out for the better of the team. We already spend so much time together, that it becomes easier to be around one another and make playing together on the field better,” said Rosa Flores, a junior on the varsity team. 

Playing can be difficult, but, for most of the girls, it is an outlet. Many of them are involved in extracurricular activities and AP classes, so the team uses softball to relieve that stress. “I feel like throwing a ball doesn’t just mean “throwing a ball”, but I’m releasing my frustration and stress [with] each throw. It’s why I love it,” Elvia Barrera, a junior on the JV/varsity team, expressed. 

Coach Betancourt has a lot of hope for the future of the team and knows that his girls are ready for the playoffs.“My freshman year our season was cut short, sophomore year our season was a little different because of COVID restrictions.” and now the team is ready to have a “regular season unlike before.” Melissa Gonzalez, a junior on JV, said.

The girls have amazing team spirit and encourage every girl who wants to play softball to join next season. “Even if you know nothing about softball, join. We have the most loving team and coaches and it’s something you won’t regret. There’s never any judgment in our team; we are all so welcoming and it’s so so so so fun,” Nathalia Ybarra, a freshman on the JV team, said.

RACE TO FIRST – Leslie Castro, MACES softball varsity catcher, is racing towards first base after batting. These ladies have been putting the work in and it shows in their games.
BATTER UP! – Varsity shortstop player, Scarlett Gutierrez watches her ball with a close eye. It was a fun game between the Lady Wolfpack and Bravo HS Softball on April 1st.














THE WINDUP – Junior Varsity pitcher, Samantha Jimenez winds up her pitch in the games versus Bravo HS. Although they did not win this game, the JV team continues to work hard and get better with every game.
HOMERUN! – Junior Varsity shortstop, Magaly Gutierrez gliding over the home base. March 21st was the first league game of the season versus Marquez Softball.