Let Us Get Fortissimo!

Jaime Olguin, Reporter

One of MACES many electives is Keyboard. This is a year-long course taught by Mr. Macaluso where he teaches the basics of keyboard. Mr. Macaluso always tries to help the students as much as possible and he has always tried to pick out songs students will like. “He’s very supportive and makes the environment very welcoming, and he also finds songs that we would like more,” Alanis Cruz, a junior, said. 

This is Mr. Macaluso’s first in-person year teaching but his second year at MACES. He prefers teaching in person, especially because he knows the students are able to have the right equipment to learn and he can easily give the students feedback. Whereas, teaching online he struggled with that. He enjoys teaching at MACES, because the students are respectful and the staff at MACES always look to help each other. “It’s been wonderful; it’s a family type of atmosphere and very supportive … I’ve never been at a school where students are so respectful,” Mr. Macaluso said.

Taking a keyboard class can also be very beneficial; it can improve your thinking skills and allows you to connect with composers and musicians. Some challenges are that it can get repetitive, but this will only allow you to get better at learning to play the keyboard to the best of your ability.

Keyboard is a popular elective at MACES. “To me, music is so important and powerful and it can be excellent for us to be involved in,” Macaluso said. He highly recommends taking a keyboard class or any type of music related elective because at MACES we have a very incredible Arts 

Department with Ms.Rincon or Mr. Macaluso. It could be something mind-opening and a hidden talent that could be discovered, it’s worth a shot. “It has been a very popular class,” Ana Romero, a counselor, said. 


EIGHT COUNTS. Mr Macaluso teaches his students how to play “Clair de Lune” during the first period. He wants to help his students as much as possible in order to learn new techniques.


DO RE MI. Students playing the piano, trying to get the song and learn new techniques. They are focused on getting better.