Four optional days added to next school year

Aylin Herrera, Social Media Editor

Is the new MACES calendar effective? The school’s administration has let it be known that they have now updated their 2022-2023 calendar as of April 26. Many students have mixed feelings about the new calendar. They have added four optional school days and have extended the last day of school to June 14. Most of the students, including Camila Zamora, a junior, said, “It’s not fair to everyone, especially those who are going to school on the four optional days because they’re still going to have to attend school until the 14. ” 


Is it worth coming to school? Many students have widely perceived and made it known that they are unsure about how they feel about the four optional school days. Eveleen Flores, a junior, said, “I don’t understand why they created the four optional days, because it does affect us at the end of the school year by adding four more days so we would be leaving later than usual.” Flores says she will need more information to determine her decision. 


Also, students have said it is good for the students to have a day off of school. “I think they should keep the four days because it gives the student a day to relax and not stress about school, it can also help students have a day to catch up on their work,” said Itzel Hueramo, a junior said.


One and all have agreed with the four options not being worth it. None think otherwise. Some do suggest, “They should take the four days off, it’s not necessary to add them because it’s not going to be beneficial to students. ” Alondra Pompa, a junior and a member of the girl’s varsity soccer team said.


Many students in general also agreed that it was not a good decision for the Los Angeles Unified School District to make a change and they believe that these decisions can lead to students not wanting to be in school on last day because they are going to be tired