New Book Club at MACES


Yonatzin Zarate, News Editor Assistant

MACES encourages students to take part in many activities and pursue their interests. One of the biggest hobbies most students enjoy is reading. Thanks to two juniors, Valeria Benitez and Eveleen Flores, they were able to bring the first book club here at MACES with the help of     Ms. Arslan. “Ms. Aslan is a very welcoming teacher that connects well with our students. We knew she would 100% support us with the club. Once Eveleen and I presented our idea to Ms.Arslan with what we plan to do with the club she agreed and became our club advisor,” Benitez said. 


Benitez is the president of The 1 Book Club. “Since we did not have a book club at MACES, the first thing that came to my mind was the creation of a book club. Through this book club, I aspire to embrace my love for reading with others. Reading for many people can be a source of distance from the real world, a coping mechanism, and a passion. Being able to gather as a community through a book builds relationships and can bring comfort to people,” Benitez said. In order to decide what the next book will be, members come together on the last Wednesday of the month and vote on a book. 


Flores is the vice president of The 1 Book Club. “We look forward to expanding the book club and bringing more people into the club,” said Eveleen. For now, the book club is only open to high school students. “We choose to do this because some books that are chosen might have content that can be sensitive to younger audiences,” Flores said. 


The treasurer of The 1 Book Club is junior Ashley Martinez. Her responsibility is to contribute fundraising ideas, manage future expenses, and help out other members of the board come up with ideas to expand the club. “Being a part of the club has made me happy, as it makes me feel as if I am part of a community,” Martinez said. 


The secretary of The 1 Book Club is Paulina Iniguez, a junior. She helps with finalizing presentation slides for meetings and comes up with new ideas for new books and fundraising. “I like reading in my free time and usually I don’t have someone to discuss it with, but by being part of this club, I am able to share out and connect with those who read the book,” Iniguez said. 


Club meetings are in room 4-306 every first and last week of the month on Wednesdays in order for the members to communicate and discuss.