Wolfpack Familia Wants more Uniform Options

Jeffrey Figueroa, Reporter


      Wolfpack staff and students would like to have an expansion of more clothing at the student store at MACES. Fellow staff and students agree.


 Wolfpack students need an expansion with the uniform policy. “Yes, there should be more options, nowadays people care more about what they wear, and there should be more options of clothing that should be sold in the student store. They should give us more color options; khaki and green are just not enough and not good colors. We should also get more sweater options and shirt options,” Albert Sandoval, a junior, said.


  “There should be more options on school gear, because it would benefit school money to provide for more activities or events,” Abraham Huerta, said. Not many kids have the same sense of style, so it would be better if we had more options of MACES clothing to show school spirit. “There wouldn’t be any more issues with dress coding to benefit the school and the students. It wouldn’t always be the same old dull clothing or collar shirt,” Huerta, a junior, said. 


  MACES should expand the clothing options available to reflect the diversity and different interests of students. “We should have more MACES clothing. Some ideas are puffer jackets, windbreaker zip-ups, and crewnecks with a variety of colors and even different styles of logos. We’re evolving into a different generation and some people identify themselves through what they wear,” Anthony Martinez, a junior,said. 


 Schools should have a variety of uniforms. The sweaters are nice that are sold in the student store.They are nice and fit comfortably and they are warm. “There should be skirts for girls because the clothing sold is more for guys and there should be different styles for girls,”Angela Picado, a junior, said. Also staff should have ideas for uniforms.


   “A variety of clothing I’ve purchased are sweaters and polos,” Pablo Benitez, said.The material is good; it has lasted, but you just have to be careful how you wash it. “This is a good way to benefit our school and students as long as it is affordable for our family, staff member,” Benitez said.