Two good players on the golf team: Jose Romero and Enrique Pulido

Heidi Lopez, business manger

Here at school there are many sports, some students find other sports more interesting, and enjoyable. We hear a lot about baseball,basketball and volleyball, but golf is not a team that gets a lot of attention.

 Jose Romero is a senior who is on the school’s golf team. Romero joined the team, because it seemed different. Romero said,”Golf is a sport that seems out of reach because it seems higher class.” Romero does not think the sport is underrated, before it has a fan base but in this area he will say it is underrated because not many people get the chance to play.


Golf isn’t a sport that has a lot of movement but more of a sport that is about posture and a mind game. ”Golf is a good sport for people who think they work well under pressure,” Romero said. His favorite thing about Golf would be the relaxing aspect of the sport. The same thing that makes it hard is also what makes it relaxing,and it does not matter if the student is good at the sport, he said. This is his second year playing, and Romero said he had to downgrade his techniques in order to get better.


  Enrique Pulido is a junior who is also on the golf team. Pulido joined the team because he had already been practicing golf for a year and he got really excited when he heard there was a golf team here at school. “The sport is fun, it’s boring to watch but people should try it more because then they will see how fun and relaxing it is,” Pulido said. 


He also encourages students to join the team because it is a good excuse to leave class but it might also help students with their mental health. Pulido says it helps with mental health because you just focus on the game, you forget about everything else. Pulido also said that his favorite thing about golf is hitting the long clubs because you can hit it as hard as you want without having to worry if you are going to break something. 


Before he joined golf he would get stressed and he feels like golf has also helped him with that because of the way he feels after hitting with a club. Enrique’s goal for next session is to get to CIF. He will be training really hard to qualify for state. Another goal of his is for his brother to replace him in the future. 


 Both Romero and Pulido  would agree that golf is a sport that helps you mentally and helps you relax. They also encourage that if students join golf they need patience and to not focus too much on the score but more on having fun.