The Class of 2022 Share Their Opinions For Their Senior Year


CLASS OF 2022 LIFE GOALS – The next generation of students look to make changes in their communities, and in the world. “My next goal is to find purpose in my career and help people who have struggled or have grown up in similar communities to mine. No matter what I major in I want to be able to help communities,” Zuniga said.

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, another senior class is about to graduate, and experience a new, and important, chapter in their lives. For this reason, some seniors rated their senior experience, as well as shared some college and life goals.

Some MACES seniors were asked to rate their senior year, and why they gave the year that rating. Those seniors rated the year with 4s and 5s. Lincy Sandoval, a senior, shares why she rated her year a 5. “Coming in from quarantine, my expectations were pretty low since it was going to be something new. But with the senior events that we’ve had my expectations have been surpassed.”

Since this is the first actual year in a while, and students are returning from quarantine and online learning, there were some expectations that were met. Mainly, what was noticeable from the seniors’ ratings and reasons were the lack of dedication coming from the other fellow seniors. “I think that the year was definitely, and still is, a success. There were lots of activities and great events put on by our board. But I also think that some of the engagement could’ve been better in earlier events which would have brought more energy overall,” Abril Zuniga, a senior, said.

Nevertheless, some light was shown with sports this year. “Sports did pretty well and everyone did well especially knowing that we came back from a year of being locked down,” Jesus Soriano, a senior, said.

As the days count down until graduation, seniors have already set goals for themselves, and have plans for what they will do in this next chapter in their lives. “My goals for college are to first attend community college (ELAC), get my associates In real estate, and transfer out to a 4-year and graduate with a masters in business,” Soriano said.

Some seniors have plans to give back to their families, as well as their community, at some point in their lives. “My life goals are to give back to my community and help the youth/ families be aware of mental health, and to be able to keep my parents financially stable so they don’t have to worry about anything,” Sandoval said.

Life will always be progressing, and in 10 years, seniors see themselves in better places. “I see myself being happy and living in a great house. I hope to have accomplished most of my long term goals and set up new goals. I don’t have a specific timeline for anything but I just hope I’ll be happy no matter what the circumstances are,” Zuniga said.

Seniors were asked about what motivates them, what keeps them striving to do better, and live their lives to the fullest. “My parents are 100% my motivation. Their reminders of how much opportunity I have now, compared to when they were my age, keeps me going, and keeps me pushing myself,Sandoval said.

Graduation is less than a week away, and soon, the Class of 2022 will be on their way to live their lives, and make big changes in the world.