Students Elect Gonzalez and Solis

Opposing Campaigners plan to communicate in order to create a memorable year.


LEADERS. Melissa Gonzalez the New President on the right and Camila Solis on the left.

Jaime Olguin, Reporter

The votes are in and the ASB leadership for the school year of 2022-2023 has been decided. The ASB president will be Melissa Gonzalez and the Vice president will be Camila Solis, both current juniors. “I feel excited about taking a leadership role in MaCES!” Gonzalez said. Whereas, Solis said,  “Taking on the leadership role is a little bit intimidating but it feels kind of natural to be able to lead as a positive example.”

Gonzalez and Solis have both said they will strive to be good leaders and do good for the students of MACES. “I feel like the new leadership will bring something different as in activities,” Amy Chan, a junior said. They have stated they plan to make the school more inclusive and make it a comfortable and fun environment to be in by planning more rallies and class competitions etc. “I plan to make a difference in school by creating more interaction between leadership and the student body!” Gonzalez said.  

Since they both ran campaigns with different partners, some students wonder how they will communicate with each other in order to make things work. “Supporting my partner in their decisions as best as possible and providing new ideas,” Solis said. Meanwhile, Gonzalez said, “I think that communication and getting input from everyone is really important, especially when working together to make the most out of the next year!”

They are involved in extracurricular activities, but that won’t stop them from doing their duties in their leadership roles. “I plan to manage my time by using google calendar and my planner. However, I’m not a machine and sometimes I do need a break,” Gonzalez Gonzalez said. Meanwhile,  “I plan on just managing my time correctly. I am involved in quite a bit of extracurriculars so it will be difficult, but I know that with just time and patience I will be able to manage all of them,” Solis said.