The Importance Of Student Inclusivity

The Importance Of Student Inclusivity

Eliana Perez, Opinion Editor

     As themes are being chosen, many students do not like the fact that they have no say in the matter and others feel like the themes are bland. The select group of students that get to vote for the themes are the students in leadership. But why not leave the themes up to everyone else to choose? 

     Many students feel like it is important to speak up about this situation because they feel that it affects everyone. Student athlete Jasmin Ochoa, a senior said, “instead of people being asked to choose a theme from what they are given, they should ask everyone to come up with their own theme and the most popular theme could be chosen.” Ochoa goes on to say,”many thought homecoming was going to be more fun and seniors were disappointed because it is their last year so they wanted something exciting.” Although many students did not like the theme of homecoming, they went and made the best out of it.

     Another student who feels strongly about everyone’s ideas being included is student Anthony Martinez, a senior. He goes on to say how things shouldn’t be left up to leadership to choose themes for everyone. Martinez said,”it is not fair for only a select group of people to choose themes or events because a lot of students may dislike a certain theme/event and not show up.” He also goes on to add, “I believe the themes don’t work for our events because they spend money on unnecessary things instead of more decorations that stick to the theme.”

     “I don’t think it’s fair, because all seniors should get to pick what events they wanna have since it’s our last year,” Emmelie Iniguez, a senior said. Iniguez enjoys making memories with her friends and she feels that this topic is important, because students cannot make memories doing activities they may consider uninteresting. Iniguez said, “students should have the opportunity to speak up and get more involved with senior activities, because everyone’s ideas should be taken into consideration.”

     Finally, many students should be included when it comes to planning themes for events because, not only does it give students a chance to get involved in school activities, but it also lets them have fun and enjoy themselves.