Varsity Football In The Works


Joshua Zuniga, Online Editor In Chief

What is football? A sport with a field of 100 yards and two end zones to score on. A sport with 11 men on the field for both teams. So far, as the Wolfpack Varsity Team goes on with the season, it’s looking dire. Since their game against Manual Arts, they’ve stood in the season with two wins and six losses (2-6). What needs to be changed to pump up those numbers?

Football captain Matthew Diaz, a senior, said, “Honestly, we should be doing better, but we keep killing ourselves with our own mistakes. We’re gonna work on it as a team, and we’re gonna hopefully get this W”.

There is no way to play football without a quarterback: the role that is responsible for the team and knowing where to throw the ball or who to give the ball to. Varsity quarterback Ali Saleh said, “I think we’ve had a rough start, but don’t worry. Things are gonna pick up against Santee this Friday.”

Players have reflected on their season and have made adjustments to their game, but what about the coaches? How can they assist the team in making the big plays? Coach Andrade stated, “Playing together; playing for each other. If we can line up and play for each other, that’s 90% of the way you need to be to be successful. We’re getting better at it, but we gotta continue to get better at it.”

Coach Saldana will have faith in his team no matter what. “It’s not a question of ‘do we believe in the team?’. We’re here. Do I think the team has faith in themselves? I don’t. We do and that’s why we’re here,” Coach Saldana said.

The team may not have had the best season so far, but the season itself is not over. There are more games for the team in the future!