Class of 2023 President Matthew Heredia


Angel Javier Jaime

In MACES there are many ways that students can get involved. It’s super fun and it can be a great way to meet new people. Many clubs and sports are offered at MACES, but there’s one club that lets students vote for who they want to plan school events. This is a great responsibility that not anyone can do. Matthew Heredia is a proud member of leadership taking the role as president of class of 2023. 

    Whenever there is a school event expect Heredia to always be there.” I love people. My service to others and making others happy brings me the most genuine, holy, and pure joy,” Heredia said. He hopes that MACES won’t just be a place of not just amazing academics but wholesome school spirit. Spirit not only in sports but in extracurriculars as well, such as robotics, debate, honor societies, class spirit, and club spirit. 

There are many schools around and outside of the community. “I have to say for MACES being a middle/highschool we’re pretty small. That small state though here at MACES is better in my eyes though,” Heredia said. 

Heredia feels like MACES is a familia. It’s a safe and comfortable environment, over the years bonds have happened that bring in one another. Heredias’ last thoughts on MACES,“I know most of the teachers and I’m proud to say I can name most of my classmates in our grade, I think that’s what makes us special, our familia.”

Heredia wants the seniors to know what will happen this year. “I cannot spoil much for our senior year events, but what I can tell you all is that we plan to hold events or some sort of engagement with each other once a month minimum! Some may be for fundraising purposes and some may just be for us to get together and build spirit along with memories. The overall goal is for us to be together, spending all the time we have together foundly.”

At the school, students and staff should always remember that we act with the powerful idea that no matter the past, people are connected and should never have to walk into the future alone as the Roman philosopher Seneca said 2,000 years ago.