ASB President Melissa Gonzalez


Angel Javier Jaime

At MACES school spirit and events are valued a lot by staff and students. It’s what everyone looks forward to each year. Usual events include Homecoming, Prom, Spring formal, and many more. When it comes to planning all of this, leadership is who’s to thank. However there’s a position that is crucial to leadership. What position would this be? It would be ASB president, the person behind that position is Melisa Gonzalez. 

    Gonzalez has been a part of leadership since 8th grade, feeling inspired by the upperclassmen.” Now as a senior I hope to create similar welcoming experiences for the underclassmen, and I also want to make sure that I’m representing the student body fairly. I love this community, and I want to give back to it for everything it has given me,” Gonzalez said. She said that if students ever need to share comments or suggestions contact Ms.Navarro or any ASB board members.

    After moving between two different states, Gonzalez is honored and happy to be a representative of the student body, along with having great opportunities. “I think MACES is a really great school. MACES is full of a lot of really nice people that have made my experience at MACES amazing,” she said. She hopes that the underclassmen and especially the juniors continue to make a welcoming environment for new students, with hope that MACES stays the same welcoming and amazing environment, and that it only improves from here.

    Gonzalez plans for senior year to make the most of it, attending as many events as possible and to have fun. Representing the student body and to make this year fun for everyone. “Something interesting to me is that I didn’t find out that the patch of grass in the quad is in the shape of California. I found that out about a year or two ago,” Gonzalez said.