Domenic Angulo: Wolfpack’s Rising Quarterback

Emily Estrada, Photography Editor

“Every day is another opportunity, but play as if it was your last,” Domenic Angulo, a freshman, said. Angulo, a freshman on the Wolfpack  JV Football team who plays quarterback. 

At the age of five, his interest in football began. So, he started playing flag football. Playing flag football wasn’t enough to please him. Angulo wanted to go straight into the “big leagues” and play football. 

He was ecstatic every time he got to play. Even when people told him he couldn’t. He was always seen as the underdog, the skinny and shortest one on the team. That didn’t stop him from doing his best. 

A piece of advice from an uncle that pushed him to do better was, “It doesn’t matter how small or skinny you are, it’s all about how much heart you have.” He remembers hearing these words as if they were yesterday. To improve, he took advantage of every opportunity he came across. Since then, not only is football a sport he enjoys, but it helps him clear his mind and “get away from any problems…” he has. 

Angulo is now a starter on the JV Football team and is hurtling through this season, both on and off the field. Whether it’s taking leadership and keeping the team focused, or contributing to the game plan and bringing film for the team. “He’s a great leader, great player, great person,” Coach Jesus Andrade said. He’s a passionate individual with the determination to be the very best.