October Festivities


Photo By Benjamin Ramirez

Aileen Garcia, Social Media Manager

It may be the middle of October already, but it is never too late to start planning spooky activities for the rest of the month! Whether students are going with family or friends, here are some fun events and places the Wolfpack Times highly suggest students consider to try out and visit. 

Theme parks are very popular during Halloween because of all the decorations and how festive it is. There are three theme parks that are very popular around this time.

 Starting off strong with Universal Studios, the popular October event Universal Studios hosts once a year is called Halloween Horror Nights. Some popular mazes you will see are La Llorona, The Weekend, The Horrors of Blumhouse, etc… Along with people dressed in the scariest costumes one can imagine and people that seem to be as tall as a skyscraper! 

Esmeralda Gonzalez, a senior, recently went to Horror Nights and said, “I think the Blumhouse maze was the scariest maze this year. The jump scares were timed correctly and overall a cool new addition to this year’s Horror Nights. I do recommend people getting the VIP pass if they want to get through every maze with little wait.”

Along with Julie Hernandez, a senior, who says Horror Nights gives people an adrenaline rush, “It’s fun going with friends and family, and the adrenaline rush makes you feel good.”

Next is Six Flags Magic Mountain. Six Flags holds an event called Fright Festand features different things like haunted houses, scare zones, and riding roller coasters in the dark.

Logan Guerrero, a senior, went to Six Flags this month for the Fright Fest mazes and recommended students go soon. “The mazes were really fun and pretty scary. I recommend the new truth or dare maze, that one was my favorite, definitely go,” Guerrero said. 

 The last popular theme park is Knott’s Berry farm. Knotts calls it Knotts Scary Farm during October and has things like mazes, shows, spooky treats, and of course people dressed up. 

Pumpkin Patches are very popular as well because people get to pick their own pumpkins to decorate and carve. It is quite hard to find pumpkin patches in Maywood, but the closest one is in Downey and called “De La Trees & Pumpkins”. Either way, students can always go to the market and get a pumpkin to decorate with friends and family. 

Going along with the theme of creativity, spooky baskets are something fun to do for a significant other, friend, or family member. Things that can be included in the basket are halloween blankets, someone’s favorite treats, Halloween socks and pajamas, baked goodies, plushies, gift cards, and halloween decorations. Most of these things can be found at the dollar tree and are very affordable

When it comes to trick or treating, it is suggested to trick or treat in rich looking areas like Beverly Hills or somewhere closer, becausen it is more likely to receive the best goodies. As well as going to business or stores to check if candies are being handed out there. k

Movie Nights are very comfy and fun if the right people are there. On a movie night, there can be baking like the popular Pillsbury halloween sugar cookies, or just baking chocolate chip cookies. Along with decorating pumpkins with people before or during movies. Whether they are scary movies, or fun movies like Hocus Pocus