Film and Media Arts Interviews Netflix Producer for “Selena”


Diego Andrade, Photo Editor

The Film and Media Arts class interviewed Jaime Davila, a Netflix producer for the upcoming documentary on Selena on October 25. This is also the first major production for the newly founded class.


Mr. Nunez, advisor for the Film and Media Arts class, thought it would give students experience. ‘“I am very proud of my students and how it turned out. I’m proud of Leslie Castro and the crew,”  Mr. Nunez said.


 He then said they were able to get Jaime Davila to come due to him being an associate of Mr. Duran’s brother, Beto Duran,  who is a sportscaster and has experience with boxing. They met when Davila was with Canelo making an animated story about his life. 


Mr. Nunez plans to bring more people including a friend who is an entrepreneur and has his own clothing brand. 


Leslie Castro, a senior, was the co-host with Mr. Nunez when interviewing Jaime Davila. She said, “I chose media art, because I wanted to have Mr. Nunez as a teacher again, and I also want to learn more about film production,”  Castro said. 


Castro then talks about how nervous she was for the interview, especially talking in front of a crowd with lights directly on her and she was interviewing someone famous. 


“In all honesty I didn’t practice till literally 10 minutes before the actual interview. I got my script 10 minutes before the interview,” Castro said. Before the interview concluded, she said, “If I ever get the chance I would love to do it again.”

 Davila is a producer for Netflix and will be working on the new documentary on Selena’s Life. “When we are talking about diversity, we also have to talk about our “wins”, Davila said. He agreed to speak when Beto Duran talked to him about it.


 “The episode of the aftermath of Selena’s passing was powerful as it reminded us of the fact that she was a human being,” Davila said 


 When questioned about what the hardest part of making the documentary was, convincing Selena’s family to give permission for them to use the story. 


“It took a long time to sell the show and even made another series that was inspired by Selena to see if that would sell,” Davila said. He says his love of TV comes from it having the ability to go out into the world and relate to people who didn’t look like him.