Wolfpack Competitive Cheer Kicks Off a New Season!


Emily Estrada, Photography Editor

The Wolfpack Sideline Cheer season has ended and competitive cheer is now taking over this Winter season. Many have tried out for a spot on the team, but not all have been successful. Those who have gotten a spot on the team are building up a strong community this pre-season. “So far competitive cheer is pretty fun, even though the season hasn’t started yet,” Amelia Venegas said, a freshman on the team. They are building a community by including everyone during practice, supporting each other during training, and learning new stunts together. 

Head coach Perfecto is doing a great job of training her team for this upcoming season. Having them work out and become stronger before the season starts is something that she is currently focusing on. The stunting technique is a big part of competitive cheerleading and needs to be practiced. So, the team can show off their technical skills and stunts. 

Scheduling is the only thing Head Coach Perfecto is worried about. There are a total of 36 people on the team and many have joined other sports while participating in cheer, which can cause schedule conflicts. Practice requires 100% attendance, especially when learning a new routine. It is very difficult to try new stunts when even one team member is absent. 

Even after the many difficulties this team will face, Coach Perfecto will continue to keep the same positive attitude in and out of the classroom. It has helped her students feel comfortable and actively communicate with her for any reason. 

Previously being a teacher to a lot of the team has helped as well. It makes them feel more at home and has created a stronger bond between them. “I’m really lucky to become the cheer coach this year and I hope I get to continue being a coach into the spring semester,” Coach Perfecto said. She hopes this season will make the school representation stronger and showcase to other schools what the Wolfpack Competitive Cheer Team is all about.