ASB Treasurer Jacob Hernandez


Angel Javier Jaime

Many activities/clubs are offered at MACES. Students know about the more popular ones like Red Cross, Roots and Shoots, and Interact. However, there’s one that holds a lot of responsibility. Thanks to Associated Student Body, ASB, MACES  is able to raise school spirit alongside sports, providing the wolfpack with events, and giving small breaks from academics. A member that has contributed a lot is Jacob Hernandez.

Hernandez’s first club was MESA back in 8th grade, and he planned on joining more clubs his freshman year. Unfortunately, COVID hit and had a huge impact on everything from the way we learn, to the way students interact within their homes. “Because of this distance learning. I didn’t join any club, nor did I get involved the way I had planned to. Once 11th grade arrived, and we were back in person, that’s when I started getting involved with the class of 2023,“ Hernandez said.

When first joining ASB, Hernandez felt he had sufficient experience with the topic of money. He also joined because he wanted to use leadership to give the Wolfpack an amazing experience in school. “Being a part of the ASB is very fun and engaging. Everyone’s experience in ASB is different, my experience with ASB is heavily leaned toward school events, since I am in charge of the events/planning committee with Matthew Hernandez. Being a part of ASB comes with many unique memorable moments such as collaborating with school admin, bringing up new ideas for students to get involved, and even trying to adapt to new changes. A specific/recent example of this would be homecoming,” Hernandez said.

Outside of ASB, Hernandez is involved in different sports and clubs. During the 2022 season of wrestling, Hernandez was able to compete and accomplish making it to CIF along with his teammates, but he is not involved as much as he would like. 

Being part of the ASB board is a full commitment in order to try and give students the experience they want. It’s a lot more than just working the hours that are inside the leadership class.  A few things students can do is try to be involved in school activities, especially the younger students. 

Whether it’s through clubs, the leadership class, the yearbook class, or even just filling out surveys that ASB sends out, this can always make the school experience better by being involved in school. Doing a few of these activities can improve school spirit and how students can spend their time.