Inflated Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving feature on a student who goes over what his meal is and how it was affected by inflation.


Jacob Zamora, Features Editor

During Thanksgiving, many people gather around the table to eat and have a good time with family and friends. Joe Arroyo is among the many who love spending time with family. He also prefers to have mashed potatoes for his Thanksgiving dinner.

All of these foods can run up the cost on the trip to the grocery store. Inflation has affected everyone across the country because it raised the prices of fruits and vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, and eggs. Arroyo is amongst many affected by inflation. “Inflation has affected my family and me because we need to choose what we need from the market,” Arroyo said. 

According to Gallup News, about fifty-six percent of adults in August confirmed that inflation has caused financial hardship. Adults not being able to buy groceries for their kids can be really hard on them. Finding the difference between want and need is very important at a time when everything is expensive. “Choosing food and snacks has been bad for us,” Arroyo said. He wants to bring awareness to this crisis because of its effects on this generation, and because of how unfair it is towards the people. 

Many people are grateful for a lot of things, but Arroyo is grateful for his family and healthy life. “I’m grateful for my family because they are the ones who push me to be a better person,” Arroyo said. Families are always there for each other and that is something Arroyo does not take for granted. “My family is always there for me when I need help,” Arroyo said. Along with spending time with family, food is also a vital part of Thanksgiving.

Many people prefer to have turkey while others prefer to have ham. Arroyo has both on the table but prefers ham. When it comes to side dishes, mashed potatoes have Arroyo’s full attention. “Mashed potatoes are the best side dish by far on Thanksgiving,” Arroyo said. Potatoes are something that Arroyo holds dearly when Thanksgiving rolls around and he feels like without them there might as well not be ham.