Editorial: Grafitti at MACES

Shazia Shah and Eliana Perez

Graffiti has affected MACES heavily and damaged the school spirit as a whole. Not only is the school being affected, but also the community around the school. Graffiti is very unpleasant and ruins the image of society. Students have a beautiful campus and not everyone has a chance to experience it. It’s important to keep it clean so others in the future can get to enjoy it for themselves. Students use their own personal problems as an excuse to do what they want and spread their bad messages and negativity using graffiti. The school deserves a good reputation and when there is graffiti in the school, it cannot achieve that reputation as a magnet school. MACES is a highly well-known and reputable school and when things like graffiti come onto its campus the image of MACES overall is ruined. Graffiti can be great when it’s used as art but when it is used with malicious intent it affects everyone in the community and the students at MACES.