Fiki: The Drum-Major


Benjamin Ramirez, Business Manager

“It was quarantine, and I was bored and needed something fun, different, and new,” Fiki Tosin-Oni, a junior, said. Fiki is a junior attending MACES who has been a part of Band since his sophomore year, being inspired by his friend Haylee Ramos.


“I was excited and nervous, because I didn’t want to look bad. There’s always room for learning and understanding music literally and how to accomplish training and improving my team in Band,” Tosin-Oni said. Fiki is Drum Major focusing on becoming the best leader for his team.

“One challenge I face is keeping time and making sure there is no rushing or dragging, and everyone is in perfect tempo. While also expressing what I want clearly and helping those in need. Focusing on the little mistakes, because it takes the little things for the bigger picture,” Tosin-Oni said. Fiki described his experience in Band as “fun and getting to build big connections and taking on a major role.”