Wolfpack Mentorship Committee hosts Toys for Tots Drive


Diego Andrade, Photo Editor

The Drive took place on December 10, in front of the school, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Mentorship Committee collected toys donated from citizens of Maywood for kids in need.

Alondra Mariscal, a senior and a Leader of the Mentorship Committee says that this will be a great way to give back to the community and to surprise kids in need for the holidays. “Our goal is to definitely provide a bundle of joy to those kids in need, mainly to the K-5 kids,” Mariscal said.


Mariscal goes on to say that she couldn’t have done it without her committee. “Definitely Andrea Quinonez, a junior, & Mariela Murillo, also a junior, have gone above and beyond in helping make this drive happen; they make posters that are beautiful and are always on standby whenever needed,” 


Mariscal says that in order to promote this drive she made posters and, with the permission of Mr Duran, was able to put them up around the school.  

Mr Marquez is the mayor of Maywood, when Alondra came to him with the idea of the drive he really liked it.


 “When we think about toys, we forget about the little toddlers, I think it would greatly benefit the kids,”.  In order to promote the drive he first sent it to city hall staff so they could notify citizens of the drive. 


“I’m excited about this drive. I saw earlier that the donation box was all full,” Marquez said. He then goes on to say how it would really help out families for the Christmas season. 


Marquez said that he would like to see a book drive to happen so kids would get to read at home. He would also say how a hygiene drive  would be really helpful and important. “Parents already spend a lot of money on kids, from buying diapers to formulas, so this will be really beneficial to families this holiday season.” Marquez said. 


They were able to receive more than 200 donations from citizens who wanted to spread the holiday spirit.  


“I was extremely happy and grateful to hear such news! a big thank you to marquez! I Couldn’t believe it. knowing now that we can donate even more toys to all kids in need is what mentorship is all about.” Mariscal said.