Arturo Figuroa’s makes goals on and off the field


Heidi Lopez, Boy Sports Editor

With soccer season starting, Arturo Figueroa has expectations for his team this season.

Figueroa is a senior who has been on the school’s soccer team since his freshman year. Figueroa plays Central defensive midfielder and is also co-captain. Soccer was the first sport he learned how to play since he was a child. His grandfather taught him how to play soccer and ever since he has just loved playing soccer.


Figueroa’s main goal to achieve for this season is to win the CIF league. “We have all the talent to complete that goal,” Figueroa said. 


Coach Spolidoro said, “He is much better than how he played in 9th grade. His stamina has improved, and he is a natural leader.”


He has learned from previous seasons that their middle was weak so this year their middle is the strongest it has ever been. “We are moving the ball and keeping it under control,” said Figueroa. 


The team can work on their chemistry on the field. Figueroa thinks they should rebuild or build something with their chemistry.“Finishing has been our problem this season, because we are near the goal but yet can’t finish, because we either miss or we try to go all the way in the box and score,”  Figueroa said.


Figueroa has goals for soccer but he also has personal goals. Those personal goals are to finish both semesters with a 3.9 GPA and to get accepted to his three top universities which are UCLA, Cal State Poly Pomona and Cal State Long Beach.


Figueroa believes that Marquez High School is their biggest challenge this season. He thinks this because he says that Marquez HS has had great squads, but that this season the Wolfpack soccer team has a squad that can beat Marquez High School. “Therefore our biggest challenge this season is ourselves, we need to have a positive mindset from the start of the game until the end of the game,” Figueroa said.


In Figueroa’s opinion the Wolfpack’s strongest trait are the fast players they have on the team.He says that the way they control the ball in the middle is the best it has ever been.  “Playing from the back all the way to the front is another strong trait because we can start from the back, do a one-two and move upwards,” Figueroa said.