Wolfpack Girls Basketball Trains for Victory


Emily Estrada, Photography Editor

Since the start of their pre-season, Girls Basketball trains frequently with the goal to have multiple wins. On December 6, Varsity and JV went up against Elizabeth Learning Center and had two league wins that day, with Varsity’s final score being 59-11 and JV’s final score being 42-2.

Unfortunately, every team experiences losses even when they are least expected. They have gone up against tough opponents, but always push through at the end and put their all into the game. Freshman Leslie Cruz said, “I keep my head up, try to stay positive, and try my best for the next game.” In the end, they have a good time and use it as a learning experience. To improve, they go over the film before practice and focus on polishing up the areas where it is most needed.

As their skills continue to grow, so does their team bond. Head Coach Quach has noticed that this team is very close compared to previous years. They all get along very well, not only during practices and games but outside of the team as well. Many of them are involved in other sports, clubs, or activities which allows them to get to know each other better.

Aside from the team, Coach Quach and Coach Toscano have had a stressful job this starting season. As a coach every decision falls upon them. They are constantly asking themselves if they made the right choice or not, doubting themselves at times. They always expect the girls to improve and get better each day. Whether they win or lose, they are always looking for things to build on and want to see a positive impact. “My main goal is to prepare my girls, my student-athletes, to be better people when they leave this program. It’s not just about basketball, but being a better individual overall,” Quach said. 

Part of preparing their athletes is making sure they all feel comfortable with one another. Problems can’t be avoided in any sport, so Coach Quach and Coach Toscano make sure that these problems are addressed and try their best to help resolve them. They offer a lot of extra support with academics and skills. There are always opportunities for them to get better.

The first couple of years Girls Basketball had a rough start with their new program. Since then, they went from not being able to win a game to being first or second-best in the league. Quach shared it’s truly an honor to be a coach and he’s proud of being a part of this program. “Thank you to everyone for supporting me, from staff to students, I am truly grateful,” Quach said.