Maces Ready To Rumble



Wrestling is back in season and has demonstrated wonderful team spirit on their first home game by giving an excellent performance. Wrestling is one of the newer Wolfpack sports here at MACES, currently on its second year with an ever-growing team. Wrestling has gotten a lot of support from coaches and staff.

 Coaches Carvajal and Lopez return for its second year, along with Jacob Vera, a new member to the staff here at MACES. Vera brings enthusiasm and experience that he obtained from competing in college and highschool. 

Jacob Hernandez, a returning wrestler, has been here since their beginning. “One of the biggest things that brought me back to wrestling would be the team itself. Just being in a very positive environment with people pushing you to always do your best is what brought me back,” Hernandez said. Wrestling always maintains positivity whilst the coaches push their players for improvement.

The tide of a wrestling match can shift at any moment; “always go in a match with an open mind, you never want to underestimate or overestimate anyone,” Hernandez said. Hernandez believes that having a certain mentality is the key to success during a match, along with a strong and firm handshake. 

Isaiah Perez, a returning wrestler, enjoys the environment of wrestling and the strong bond between his teammates.”I thought we could go far. I thought wrestling was something you  had to start it up and I saw a whole bunch of potential there for us like us going to stay and chat and win the League,” Perez said. 

Perez discovered his passion for wrestling when attending practice, “the fact that it was so fun the first week would also make me realize my passion for wrestling was my first win and my first ever match. The feeling of winning is extraordinary and I loved it from then on” Perez said. 

For some is might be difficult to maintain multiple sports, but not for Michale Valdez, who participates in basketball, football, and wrestling.”When going back to wrestling it was because of my brother and also staying in shape for football,” Valdez said 

Wrestling is a universal sport where anyone can compete.“The future of wrestling will be good , Coach Lopez is an amazing coach with his amazing ability to push wrestlers to their limit and the experience that he has from competing against formidable opponents,” Valdez said.