Juniors vs. Staff Volleyball Game

Gisselle Miranda, Reporter

  The Juniors vs. Staff Volleyball game on December 9th was an entertaining event to raise money for the class of 2024. Taking place in the gym, students were loud on the bleachers while cheering on their friends. Both teams gave their all on the court to be named victors of this year’s students vs. staff game. 

   Motivated by their loss at last year’s game, Juniors were putting in effort to win this game against their teachers. Last year, the chosen game was basketball, and teachers took a win over the students. This year, they have decided to do a different sport to keep things interesting and to get more participation. 

  As the game ended, teachers defeated the juniors with a score of 2-0. “I think what we could have done better is strategizing, communicating, and agreeing with each other.” says Bryant Gonzales, a junior who played in the volleyball game. He participated because he already plays the sport for the Wolfpack Boys Volleyball team, hoping that would facilitate winning the game. “We played well, but we weren’t coordinated, they would just throw in players, and we switched captains too!”

  He claims that the teachers were more organized and knew how to plan their moves better. Ms. Arslan agrees, “We had the power of friendship, we knew how to communicate and support each other when things wouldn’t go completely right, whereas the other team got more frustrated.” The teachers were very proud to have this win against their students, but for fun, another round was held to see who would ultimately win. Anyone was able to participate in this round to support either team. 

  “Of course they won again, so technically, they won 3-0”, says Gonzales.