A Holiday Hallway Makeover


Eliana Perez, Opinion Editor

Coming back to school from Thanksgiving break, many students noticed that the hallways have already been decorated with Christmas decorations. The 1st floor being candy land, 2nd floor with peppermint forest, and 3rd floor is winter wonderland.

 Many students like the idea of having the decorations in the halls and on the doors, especially since this is the first time since the school has been open that there are not only doors decorated but ceilings and walls as well. Although there are people who don’t like the idea at all, others feel like it is a great way to add more colors and joy in the halls students use everyday. 


One of the many students who loves the idea of the school being decorated is senior Editor-in-Chief of online for the Wolfpack Times. Joshua Zuniga.“The hallways make me feel that the student body still has some Joy left. It makes you feel good that we all are excited for the same thing” Zuniga, a senior, said.

Having a Christmas spirit is something that brings not only students but teachers together as well. “Christmas is a beautiful time where we can all spend time together as students and bond together. Schools can use Christmas as a gateway into the hearts of students and help spread love and positivity,” Zuniga said. 

Teachers also show their creativity through the way they decorate their door. A student who really enjoys this idea is senior Natalia Lara. “It makes us see a little into how teachers have their likes and dislikes, it gives us an inside view.It makes me feel like a kid driving by houses and seeing them decorated,” Lara said. She said how “it was a good decision because it can help comfort students and help destress them.” 

Although this is the first time MACES has ever done something like this Lara says, “the decorations definitely bring out our school spirit.” 


A student who had mixed feelings about the halls and door decorations is senior athlete, Enrique Pulido.“It needs more decoration, it feels too plain” Pulido, a senior, said.  Even though Pulido believes that there needs to be more decorations, he does show an interest in the decorations that are up, “it was a good decision to decorate because it makes the halls and the classrooms look better and feel more welcoming. It makes you feel like you are going into a classroom where the teachers are more human-like and not robots.” 

Walking through the halls everyday that have the same color pattern as nearly everything else in the school can get boring to look at. Pulido says, “the decorations make the school look more colorful and it makes it a more positive environment where kids can enjoy learning.” 


All in all, various students enjoy the fact that the school environment is feeling more welcoming by adding things as simple as decorations to the hallways, walls, and doors which brings a warmth and comforting feeling.