The Controversy around Valentine’s


Graphic by Aileen Garcia

When February hits, all the talk is about Valentine’s Day, it raises the topic surrounding how controversial the holiday is. Valentine’s related posts are all over multiple media platforms, and some posts are about how hated and unnecessary it is. Students here had different thoughts about whether or not it is a necessary holiday. 


Logan Guerrero, a senior, thinks it shouldn’t be considered a holiday, because someone’s love for their significant other shouldn’t just be spotlighted on that one day, it should be something they show every single day. 


Guerrero says it isn’t important for the school to recognize Valentine’s. “It makes other kids feel sad when they see they don’t have someone to be with.” He added that the holiday in general is hated because people who don’t have a Valentine might feel left out due to the fact that the holiday is around couples. “It should be for friends and family, because it makes it more special when you involve your family and you can buy flowers for your mom,” Guerrero said.


Some people think it is mandatory for couples to celebrate this holiday, and some think it’s pointless. Guerrero thinks it isn’t necessary for couples to celebrate Valentine’s, because couples should be showing their love everyday. Esmeralda Gonzalez, a senior, agrees with this statement. “It depends on the couple, because I think Valentine’s day is an excuse to really demonstrate your love but I think you should be doing that everyday and not forcing it on one specific day.”


Compared to Guerrero, Gonzalez thinks Valentine’s should be considered a holiday, “It is a holiday that represents love and by love it doesn’t necessarily mean couples, you have love towards your friends, teachers, parents, so it’s a day to show your love.” 


Gonzalez personally likes Valentine’s because of the theme, “I like it because of the aesthetic; it’s just cute because everything is heart shaped and colored pink and red.”


Emiliano Espinoza is another student who thinks it does pass a holiday that should be acknowledged and celebrated. “It’s a day that you get to express your feelings and love for someone.  You can do things with your significant other that you both enjoy like going to eat at your favorite restaurant.”


Espinoza says it might be hated, because single people don’t have anyone and can feel left out once they see everyone with gifts. 


However, Mr. Torres is a married teacher who personally hates Valentine’s day even though he isn’t single, “I give my wife flowers whenever I feel like it, not just one specific day where you have to.” It isn’t necessary in his opinion.