Powder Puff Smackdown 

The Battle Of The Real Athletes


Eliana Perez, Opinion Editor

Powder Puff was invented in the 1970’s, in Wallingford, Connecticut. It was originally created to incorporate more girls into athletic activities. It is a much friendlier version of football because it is not meant to be a physical sport with the pushing and tackling. Girls also do not wear the full football gear, they use uniforms without padding and belts with two flags. Today it is referred to as a friendly competition between senior and junior girls, with boys coaching the girls to prepare them for the flag football game and the girls prepping the boys in their grade to cheer them on throughout the game. As seniors and juniors will go head to head on Thursday, February 17, Juanpablo Benitez, a senior coach of the senior girls team thinks that “the class of 23 will win. The team is  practicing like they have been playing for years.” To prepare the senior girls for the game coach Benitez said he, “has been showing the team the basics of football.” Benitez goes on to say how he is, “very confident that we will win because I can see that the team looks like they are confident and are not scared to step up to the challenge.The class of 23 wins we will celebrate and continue the winning streak for the seniors.” There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Student athlete Ashley Lopez, a junior who is participating in powder puff, believes that, “us juniors are going to win because our individual players bring a lot to the team. All of us using our skills to play as one is going to be a very dangerous, serious dynamic,” Lopez said. The hallway walls are filled with posters supporting the juniors, which is boosting their confidence. Lopez said, “I am beyond confident in my team. I know we have the skills and assets to upset the seniors.” All in all, many students along with teachers and parents are intrigued to see who will take the win on Friday, February 17.