Students Exchange Vows during Lunch


Hector Mora, Girl Sport

     Love-struck shoppers dish out a whopping 25.9 billion dollars a year on Valentine’s day making it the third biggest holiday market each year, according to MACES leadership has been taking advantage of this huge market with the successful yearly Valentine’s day grams and now with the mock wedding.

     This two-day event will take place in the quad during lunch on February 13 and 14. There are two packages which range from two to three dollars. The two-dollar package includes two ring pops and a custom mock wedding certificate, and the three-dollar package comes with everything the two-dollar package has to offer plus a four-by-six photo of an individual and their friend or loved one in a frame decorated with flowers, vines, and hearts.

     Real weddings are a huge commitment and mocking them sounds like fun, but what do MACES students have to say about them. “It’s a little corny but cute because we’re in high school and later we’ll hold these as memories and fun moments,” Valeria Benitez, a senior said. 

     Corny or taboo? MACES couples might feel uncomfortable as to even mock such a sacred event so early in their lives. “I don’t feel uncomfortable but more like a fun thing to experience because at the end of the day I just see it as a harmless memory,” Benitez said. It might be all fun and games for Benitez, but what does her boyfriend of one year think of this Valentine’s day themed event? “That’s fire! It’s senior year, and it’ll be pretty cool to flick up with my lady,” said senior, Christian Casteñeda.

     Most of the couples here in MACES will have to spend some sort of money for a gift or gesture to show their love to their significant other, so what do fellow students think about having to spend a few extra bucks on their already expensive day? “I will definitely be buying the two-dollar package but I would have to see where the photo will be taken to know if I want to get the more expensive package,” Casteñeda said. Two to three dollars might not seem like a lot on any other day, but on Valentine’s day a lot of love-sick teens have to scrape up money, so are these prices reasonable for them? “I think the prices are reasonable, because a single ring pop itself is like a dollar so you’re really getting more than what you pay for if you think about it,” Emiliano Espinoza, a senior said.