ASB Elections 23 – 24: Overview

The ASB elections Overview and the Candidates of ASB President


Diego Andrade, Photo Editor

Throughout the month of March, we saw the ASB candidates for 2023 – 2024 run for positions on the board. “ I ran for ASB president because it’s been one of my ambitions since middle school” Samantha Jimenez, an 11th grader, said. 


Samantha is one of the 2 candidates running for ASB President. “I have attended MACES since my sixth grade year and over time I have grown a love for this school and I want to make everybody’s year as memorable as possible,”. 


Samantha is part of National Honors Society, Interact, the Red Cross club, and the 6th grade mentorship program. “I’ve helped the community by volunteering my time to clean up parks/beaches, hand out waters, donate food to families in need, donate blood, plant trees, etc.”. She says that throughs these actions it makes her feel accomplished due to the amount of smiles she puts on others faces, Samantha wants incorporate these things into school to not only better the school, but the community as well. 


Enrique Barajas Bautista is a current 11th grader and is also running for ASB President. “Running for ASB President was a goal I always aimed towards to make a better MaCES familia,”. Enriques was also a student here at MACES since the 6th grade at the beginning of the school’s opening and has already taken some sort of leadership roles before. “My first step was becoming the class of 2024 President where it gave me motivation to do more for the school, as I knew I could do more for the entire Student body of MaCES,”. 


During his time here, Enrique has joined many clubs here on campus. “Since the 7th Grade, I began to explore how to be a leader through clubs, In my time here I have been part of MESA,Interact, National Honors Society, The Student Business club, and the 1-book club,”.  Not only that but he is also part of clubs off campus as well. “Outside of school I hold salient roles in Anthony Rendon’s Youth Leadership Program , Community Health Youth Advocates with Charles Drew University, and Youth and Government YMCA Program,”.  


The elections will be held March 20 – March 21 for the ASB board of 2024 – 2023.