Ready, Set, Flag!

CIF has made flag football an official sport throughout high schools in the California Southern Section.


Angel Javier Jaime

Seniors and Juniors playing the annual powderpuff game

Emily Estrada, Photography Editor

CIF, the California Interscholastic Federation for Sports, has recently passed the proposal to add girl’s flag football as an official high school sport. 

Since the recent addition, there has been much activity going on to get this program started. CIF commissioner, Rob Wigod, sent out a message on March 29 explaining they are currently in the process of assigning the sport to an administrator in their office, developing a calendar of the sport, and determining the number of contests allowed during a season.

With this new addition to the list of high school sports, many young girls will be encouraged to try something new that could potentially be out of their comfort zone. “I think a lot of girls are too intimidated to join football because of many reasons, one of which is that football is a stereotypical “boy sport,” sophomore Emily Ruiz, said.

This can empower and motivate many young girls across Southern California high schools. “I think this sport is more inviting to females because it’s not as body-heavy as regular football is. This can make a young woman like myself feel stronger and empowered,” freshman and athlete Kellie Mena, said.

Despite it being more regulated and safe for some individuals, this doesn’t take away from the fun and athleticism it takes to play the game. “I think the sport and the aspect [of] flag football are exactly what makes me interested in it. It’s welcoming to so many people,” Mena said.

Not only has the sport risen in popularity, but has also received major support from teams such as the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. These two NFL teams hosted the Los Angeles Girls Flag Football League of Champions Super Bowl with many sponsorships. CIF Southern Section Committee Executive President Dr. Paula Hart Rodas had much to say about the importance of flag football and empowerment for young women. “We are always looking for opportunities to increase participation for girls in all our sports in California… Girls flag football coming to the state of California gives us the opportunity to do so many wonderful things,” Dr. Rodas said. In the next few years, flag football will continue to receive support from people all over Southern California, especially girls willing to try out this amazing new sport.