Juniors Take SATS

The SATS,what they are, and when the scores come out.


Diego Andrade, Photo Editor

Juniors took the SATs, one of the nation’s most essential and most demanding tests. The SAT is a three-hour multiple-choice test created and administered by the College Board. It covers reading, writing, and math, and is used to determine students’ preparedness for college. 

Lizeth Velazquez, a junior at MACES and one of the many who took the SATs, speaks on how the experience felt.  “The SATs were a crazy learning experience,” Velazquez said. She said that the SAT was very hard, even with her studying for it. “I studied using the Khan Academy SAT that was provided,” Velazquez said. 


Velazquez said that the only problem she had was the breaks and their length. “The breaks felt too fast and there weren’t enough breaks to compensate for it,” 

Francisco Gallegos, a junior, expands on his thoughts about the SATs. “The SATs are meant to be sort of a test of knowledge for college, and though most colleges aren’t requiring that anymore, it would still benefit me if I get a good score from it,” Gallegos said. He also goes on to talk about his study habits. “I studied on my own time, but the SAT felt scarier and more difficult,” Gallegos also pointed out. 

“I personally felt like I did pretty okay on the test. I feel like I definitely got a lot of questions wrong but maybe a bit more than half of the questions right.” Gallegos goes on to say about how it felt after taking the SAT. “ I think the breaks were really nice since I was able to talk to my friends. It helps you recharge and I think it definitely helped me out a lot.” 


The SATs will come out on May 3, which is two weeks after the initial taking of the test.