AP Exam Week on Campus


Graphic by Emma Velazco

Emma Velazco, News Editor

Beginning on the first of May, students began testing for their advanced placement exams held until May 12. “I think that just like everybody else, I feel nervous but I definitely feel more confident than last year, and I think I feel overall ready to take them,” Karla Martinez, a junior, said. The AP testing weeks have two tests per day, with one being an 8 a.m. morning session and the other being a 12 p.m. afternoon session. Students are expected to meet outside the MPR shortly prior to the starting time of the exam. 


Students used various methods to study prior to the difficult exams and try to be well prepared for them. “I went over material provided by my instructors to review in preparation for my AP exams. This included videos and packets,” Diego Guzman, a senior, said.


 Other students used some different strategies to study and prepare further for the exam. “I took various notes, used flashcards, and watched videos to further help clarify any material that was confusing,” Lizeth Velazquez, a junior, said. 


Students consider the AP exam schedule to be packed and stressful, with some favoring a different schedule. “I think the schedule is just so hectic. There are so many exams, and since I’m taking 5, it definitely feels even more stressful and chaotic,” Martinez said. Some prefer a schedule that was timed differently due to it clashing with their current classwork. “I believe that the timing could have been altered because the AP test just added additional pressure and stress on students who are already struggling with assignments, projects, and finals,” Velazquez said. 


While some AP exams such as US Government, Spanish Literature, and Psychology have already occurred, many exams are still upcoming with various reactions from students. “Thus far the AP exams I have taken I have felt confident with my performance, maybe a little less on AP psych[ology] but still confident. With my upcoming test, I am extremely confident as English is fun,” Guzman said.


 Students taking the exam only receive one break in between during the entire exam period, which has been met negatively. “When I was testing, I felt really tired, and we only got a 10 min break the whole 4hrs. I could hardly take a break as I did not have enough time to use the bathroom and eat,” Velazquez said.


Upcoming AP exams include English Literature, Computer Science A, US History, and more. Students should get good rest and breakfast before the exam, and were advised to come into the exam with a positive attitude.