Prom Preparation: Senior Spotlight


Graphic By Aileen Garcia

Aileen Garcia, Social Media Manager

As the year comes to an end, seniors are starting to prepare for one of the most exhilarating events: prom. Seniors are starting to purchase their outfits, accessories, and plan out how their day will go. 


Valeria Benitez, a senior, went shopping in downtown LA to find the perfect dress. She luckily found one that she loved and is looking forward to planning out how her nails, hair, and makeup will look with the dress. 


 Benitez is most excited about seeing everyone at prom, “Im looking forward to seeing all the girls in their dresses and the guys tidied up, because we always see each other in uniform. As well as taking pictures with everyone since it’s our last dance,” She is hoping that everyone makes the best out of this event and stays positive, even if it is not what they expected. 


“I am looking forward to creating memories and the getting ready aspect and also seeing the venue. I Just hope it’s really fun, because I have high expectations for it, because everyone hypes it up, so I want to see how people make the event fun,” Emily Hurtado, a senior, said.


Hurtado has already found her dress, and like Benitez, she bought her dress in Downtown LA. For her other prep, Pinterest has been her number one source for ideas on nail and makeup inspiration. 


“For the food I feel like they’re just going to give out pasta or like meat or chicken, and for the decor; I hope it resembles what the theme is because people want to see the theme go through,” Hurtado said. 


Fatima Murrilo, a senior,  hopes the venue serves something like pasta,  “Pasta is a go to and it’s basic and easy. I hope the decor turns out nice because everyone has high expectations.”


Murillo is another person who was able to find a dress that best fit and expressed herself in Downtown LA. If anyone has not found their dress, Downtown LA is a highly recommended place to go find the perfect one. 


Logan Guerrero, a senior, recently bought his suit in Downtown LA as well. “Go to Downtown, because if you really look around; you can get a good price.”


Guerrero is most excited to spend this time with his friends and make the most out of the night.