Open House

Gisselle Miranda, Reporter


MACES held its Open House on Thursday, April 27. The event allowed parents and their children to meet teachers and walk around the school. The entrance had informational tables and popcorn offered to everyone. The quad held many stations where students could interact with other students from clubs, and there was even a Wolfpack Times booth to take pictures!

   The third floor held a setup in the hallway, in front of the math classrooms, to interact with parents and students that walked by. On the second floor, outside Mr. Cottom’s classroom, there was a table with stacks of this school year’s newspapers for families to take. Down on the first floor, near the left end of the building, Mr. Macaluso could be heard playing classical music in his class.

   While parents were interacting with teachers, students were out in the quad, there was music playing on campus for entertainment, and Mr. Mesa and Mr. Duran talked to some parents. 

   For some students, Open house was like parent conferences. Ashle Sanchez, a junior, shares his experience with Open house. “I came with my mom today because she wasn’t able to meet my teachers in person for parent conferences. So far, I’m happy because we’ve received great feedback and comments.”

   Reynaldo Rodriguez, a junior, shares his opinion on Open house. “I think that open house is a great opportunity for parents to observe our progress in the classroom, it’s great to display projects I’ve worked hard on, to my parents.” He also expresses his stress when it comes to his parents meeting his teachers, “I think we all get a bit stressed when Open house or parent conferences come around. I get a bit anxious about the feedback my teachers may give me, and my parents, but it’s meant for me to improve.”