Tired of Absurd Sweatshirt Dress Code


Ashley Ramirez, Photo Editor


Many students at MACES believe the sweater policy is ridiculous. Students are not allowed to wear any other colored sweater than navy blue, green, black and gray without being sent to the Parent Center.

 Students are also not allowed to wear sweaters with logos small or big. This includes Nike logos, Adidas logos, etc. It is understandable if the logo was inappropriate or insensitive, but, like seriously, there could be so many sweaters that students can wear but they are not allowed. “ I think that they should be allowed, the small logos really isn’t doing much because sometimes it’s just hard to find something without a logo,” Nathaly Castro, a junior said. 

Trying to find a good comfortable sweater to wear to school with no logo and in the color range given is extremely hard given that most brands have a small logo on the left side. Two-toned sweatshirts are also not allowed at school. “That’s stupid, to be honest,” Luis Lizarraga, a senior, said. Students will be sent to the Parent Center if they are caught breaking the sweatshirt dress code. Sweatshirts with appropriate words on the front are not even allowed at school. 

Now that is just ridiculous. 

Now if the word were inappropriate that is understandable. On the MACES web page, it shows what is allowed and what is not allowed. In one of the photos, a crewneck has the word “KALE” on the front and the school says it’s not allowed. If one of the staff members sees a sweatshirt with words or logos they will send the student to the parent center where they will have you take off the sweatshirt and wear another one or they will make them cover the logo or word with a piece of painters tape.

Students should be allowed sweaters with a logo if it’s appropriate without having to cover it up or having to take it off. There have also been some rumors where even college or university sweatshirts are not acceptable. Like what?!?!? Now that’s just excessive. Students should be allowed to represent a college or university that they want without being sent to the Parent Center. 

For the past two years that MACES has been up and running students were able to wear a sweatshirt with quarter size logos on the front logo, so why the sudden change? The school sweatshirt dress code should be altered, and it should allow quarter size logos on the front of the sweatshirt.