David Felix, Maywood’s Rising Star


Emily Mojica, Managing Editor

Wake up, go to school, go to practice, do homework, sleep, repeat. It’s challenging being a scholar-athlete. Balancing school, sports, and social life comes with a lot of responsibilities. David Felix, a senior and #21 on the baseball team, is a perfect example of what it means to be a scholar-athlete. He went to championships, won the Geico Baseball City series, and gets good grades. 


Journey to Geico Baseball City Series

“It sounds different off his bat; I could tell when he hits; I don’t even have to look,” Micheal Benavidez, the MACES baseball coach, said. Coach Benavidez has been coaching baseball for 16 years and knew Felix was special the moment he saw him play. Coach Benavidez encouraged Felix to try out for a team where only the top LA City section players were selected. There were over 100 players at tryouts, but he stood out along with 23 other guys.


Felix was chosen to play in Chicago and was a starting player in the championship game. He was victorious and his family supported by hosting a viewing party when the game aired. He was not used to the attention and was very humble about it. Felix felt so honored to be given such a wonderful experience. 


After Geico Baseball City Series

The city series was life-changing for Felix. Scouts began to reach out, his name became popular and respected. Felix is eager to win a championship with his baseball team before he leaves for college. He has already visited colleges and played in showcases. In hopes of going pro, Felix continues to put in hard work to accomplish his goal.


Life at School

Ask anyone about Felix, teachers or peers, they all say the same: hardworking, humble, and inspirational. “I noticed that wherever I sat him, the people around him did better,” former teacher, Israel Bautista said. He is now Bautista’s service student, is very reliable, and makes his life easier. Bautista will be proudly supporting Felix when baseball season starts. 


It is important to Felix that he manages to get good grades along with managing his social and athlete life. “It is not easy balancing school sports especially when you have late practices,” Felix said. Even when he has late practices he still works out on his own, then he goes home to finish all his schoolwork.  


Felix is looked up to by many and is as equally talented in the classroom as he is on the field. Everyone wants to be a scholar-athlete just like their role model David Felix. “David, I look up to him, and we are going back to championships. We are all working hard,” Alan Chaly, a junior and third baseman, said.