How Stress Impacts Students


Gustavo Morales, Online Editor

Students stressing in school is not uncommon. It is a problem today that should be acknowledged. A student stressing because of school is often a detrimental path that can result in other problems that could negatively impact the student.  


“Stress makes me tired, annoyed, and frustrated,” according to Matthew Urbina, a junior. These are all negative things that happen as a result of stress which can result in other problems. Since the student is tired and frustrated it could result in lower-quality school work which could then impact their grade. If they feel annoyed it can heavily impact the way they think which could affect other factors in their life. 


 “Stress makes me lose sleep,” said both Rudolfo Serrano and Alexa Monarrez, juniors. Sleep is a necessity for the human body, and if students are getting less sleep than that can have a very heavy impact on both their mental and physical health. If they come to school with these conditions, then they will most likely pay less attention in class because of how tired they are as a result of their stress. 


  “Teachers make a test grade worth a huge amount of our grade and it is very stressful,” Leslie Quintana, another junior, said. According to Quintana, “A teacher makes test grades the most influential factor about a grade which could be very stressful at certain times.” No matter how hard one tries or studies, one simple mistake can cost them a big chunk of their grade if they mess up on their tests. This could be a very stressful thing for a student if they have a test coming up in the near future. 


Many students say they feel “stressed almost every day”. It’s okay for a student to be a little bit stressed, because it allows students to be productive, but every day is very excessive. Being stressed every day could seriously impact how a student feels about school and how well they do at school. Knowing the effects of stress and how it affects students in school because it should be important to make sure that students aren’t stressed every day.