Dedication to Education, Teacher Recognized for Outstanding Abilities


Melissa Crist , Editor In Chief

At some point or another, every student has said, “I can’t wait to go to that class.” Whether it be because of the subject or because they sit next to their friends, everyone has a class in their schedule that is more enjoyable than others. 


For some students, the teacher they have makes all the difference. Passionate teachers go to work with enthusiasm and excitement, which is what most students need throughout an eight hour school day. At MACES, this love for teaching can be found in the classroom of Lisandra Navarro, an expert in the field of biology and physiology, who spends most of her time making sure that each of her students are aware that they are capable of accomplishing anything, as well as having fun. 


With a bachelor’s degree from Santa Barbara and a master’s from the University of California, Los Angeles, Navarro is seen as incredibly influential in the eyes of her students. “She gives you independence as you learn,” Leslie Quintana, a junior, said. She believes that giving students their own independence is a great quality in a teacher, as it reassures and builds trust between students and teachers. Quintana wants more students to know that if they had the chance to be in Navarro’s class, they should definitely take that opportunity. 


Although noticeably younger than most colleagues, being confused for a student in the hallway is not the only struggle that this teacher faces. At times, Navarro finds herself struggling to build her students’ self-esteem, especially since it is her third year of teaching and she is learning along the way as well. “I want them to be critical thinkers and question everything… even if that means questioning me,” she said. 


Ms. Navarro also hopes to teach science in a way that it is not only facts and numbers, but is a fun process that requires experimenting and learning. Her efforts to do so are highly recognized, especially through the eyes of her superiors. From the day he met Navarro, Principal Gabriel Duran knew that she would be a great asset to the MACES family. “She came highly recommended from UCLA directors…she’s dedicated and knowledgeable,” he said. 


Along with Duran, Assistant Principal Jose Meza believes that Navarro is a teacher with dedication to her job. “She reflects character and commitment to education,” he said. “She’s in it for the outcome, not the income.”