Girls Volleyball back in the hunt.


Gabriel Dominguez, Sports Editor

Two City Championship appearances in their first two years. The first City Championship in MACES history.  The girl’s volleyball team has definitely built a reputation for success. Led by 10-time City Championship winner, Mr. Gomez, the girls enter their third season with the same goal: winning.


  The team currently stands at two wins and three losses. The team’s start, however, does not waive their confidence. “We have to move on and look up to the next game, we tell each other what we did wrong and look forward to the next game,” said Dania Castro, the team captain. 


Coach Gomez, however, does not determine a successful season by the number of wins or losses the team garners.  “The number of girls that return the following year, that means they enjoyed the game, they learned and they had a good time and they [want to] learn more, that’s a successful season, Gomez said.  


Junior Belen Meza believes that the girls have built a strong bond. “We are all super close with each other, we always pick each other up,” Meza said. The girls will try to be the first team to make the playoffs three years in a row. They work hard five days out of the week, an hour and a half a day. The girls believe that they have what it takes to keep winning but their attitude after losing contributes to their success. “When you come back from a loss, you know those losses meant something,” said team captain Castro.  Coach Gomez is confident that the team will be ready come playoff time. “Teams won’t want to play us towards the end because they know we ́ll be ready,” Gomez said.