Some juniors hope to attend 2020 Prom


Mohamad Saleh, Reporter

Prom is a sacred event that takes place towards the end of the school year and is supposed to only be for seniors. This event is for seniors who want to get together and celebrate one last time with their graduating class. 

“Juniors being invited basically breaks the tradition of prom only for seniors,” Hassan Saleh, a senior and football player, said. Seniors should be the only ones invited because it is their last year of high school. “We have a small class and should not get a big venue,” Gonzales said. The president does not mind juniors but does not recommend a big venue because it would be expensive and the prices for tickets will rise. 

“I do not mind juniors attending prom,” Class of 2020 secretary, Angel Ceja, said. He is also encouraging seniors to attend activities and prom. “Money can be an issue due to the low-income neighborhood we live in,” Ceja said. He is worried and concerned if not many seniors are going to attend senior activities and prom. This can be due to a student’s financial status or lack of school spirit. “Senior year is supposed to be fun,” Ceja said. 

Vice President of the 2020 club, Lizbeth Sanchez, encourages people in her class to attend events but also understands if they cannot due to their financial status. “I am mostly excited for what October brings,” Sanchez said. She said this because she is eager to have fun with her class for one last year. “I’m excited about the senior activities that are coming up”